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Meet Buckle

Meet Buckle

Get to know Buckle ahead of the next FAB Event…

Tell us a bit about your brand

Buckle | 1922 stands for quality. Established more than 95 years ago, we continue to handcraft our leather belts and braces in Australia. We only used the finest raw materials to produce the best accessories, and due to our scale we are able to offer these at accessible prices.

Who does your brand cater to?

It is quite broad; mostly men aged 25-65 years. We also have a range of accessories catered to boys as well as a small women’s range of belts. Our target customer values quality and what it means to support Australian made brands.

What is the niche/point of difference for the brand?

Our leather belts and braces are handcrafted in Australia. No one else in Australia is able to do this.

Tell us a bit about this seasons collection showcased at FABEVENT? (examples include colourways, trends, price points, etc.)

At the FABE we will be launching our full grain leather embossed range. We have taken our Bridge leather (used on the Bushman, Jackaroo and Stockman belts) and applied a hot plate stamp to reveal remarkable prints. The heat and pressure in the stamp creates natural highlights and lowlights in the leather. The effect is beautiful with these belts resembling plaits and weaves, but with the benefits of a single hide, full grain leather product. W/S:$24.50, RRP: $69.95 (note: we are waiting for photos)

What does the future look like for fashion/footwear? Any predictions?

Accessories will always be around, but it is the channel and delivery that will continue to evolve. The relevance of online and social media will continue to grow. In terms of belt styles, tans shades and variants are now outperforming browns, and we hate to admit it, but black (in various textures and leather finishes) still represents 95% of sales.

If there’s any advice you can give a retailer, what would it be?

Be brave. Be unique! If a customer wants vanilla, they will simply buy from department stores.

Meet Buckle at the upcoming FAB Event.

When: 26th and 27th August 2018

Where: Stand 106, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

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